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“After having moved into my newly built flat I soon discovered the walls were paper thin! I had complaints from two of my neighbours about the noise I was making (and I thought I was being quiet!). I called Soundproofing4U for a free survey and quote, and they paid me a visit. Now, I can play my music louder without having to worry!”

“I contacted Soundproofing4U who explained what is involved and decided to go ahead with this. They have now sound proofed my ceilings and I have found this has greatly cut the noise disturbance and improved my quality of life. I am very glad I have had this done and would definitely use Soundproofing4U again.”

“Hi Rodger, just to say thanks for the great job and yourself did in soundproofing and re-plastering my bedroom ceiling. It feels like I’m in a different room altogether. I used to be able to hear everything from the upstairs neighbour, even down to the snoring! Now when I go to bed I don’t have to worry about being kept up all night by the various noises. Think you’ve probably saved my sanity! Thanks again.”

“I used to know all about my neighbours marital problems. Ignorance is bliss! Thankyou!”

“Having already had some soundproofing work done by him with which I was more than happy, I recently arranged for Rodger Fleming of Soundproofing4U to carry out some further work at our offices in the centre of Glasgow. He and his team were working within an office environment over a period of a week or so, an arrangement that could have resulted in significant disruption for staff. However, the work was carried out effectively and with the minimum of fuss, causing very little disturbance. Given Rodger’s professional manner and his pragmatic attitude along with the quality of his work, his promptness and his reliability, I would not hesitate to contract him again.”

“I wish I had this done years ago. My house is so peaceful now.”

“We are delighted with the secondary glazing recently fitted in our bedrooms. It’s the first time in 6 months that I haven’t needed to use ear plugs. It has been difficult moving from the country where there was hardly any noise from traffic, etc., into a house in the town where you hear all. Many thanks to you and your team for carrying out such an excellent, tidy job and we would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Soundproofing4u.”

“I was woken on Thursday night by the neighbours laughing & chatting and thought the soundproofing had failed. Then I looked out and found them standing outside on the flat roof over their kitchen at 2 am !! When they went in again it was quiet again. Perhaps I need one of those boxes that emit a high pitched noise. Thanks for your help.”

“Dear Rodger, I have been waiting to get back to you as I am worried about providing feedback too soon We can’t hear anything from either the next bedroom or the downstairs kitchen, it’s great. We think you should have left a little listening tube so that we can check if the neighbours are really in. It was noisy 3 or 4 nights a week during the autumn term from 10 September to 10 December. We think they are back from their holidays as the lights are on next door. Either the sound proofing is really working well or they have turned over a new leaf and are all quiet!”

“I had a problem with kitchen smells and general noise coming through an adjoining wall in my flat. Since the soundproofing there have been no smells at all and I haven’t been bothered by any noise. It was a great decision to get the wall soundproofed and I can now enjoy the room. I would recommend to anyone who has these problems.”

“I live in a lower cottage flat and was constantly being kept awake by the neighbours above. Amazing results, I was a little dubious regarding how successful this would be. However I have now had seven nights uninterrupted sleep and now does not feel as if we are sharing a bedroom with our neighbour.”

“I can’t believe the difference this has made to my home! Soundproofing4U were fast, friendly, and efficient, and done a beautiful job. Not only is my house quieter, my ceiling looks better than it used to as well!”

“We stay in a large house that a few years back was split into two seperate dwellings. We got Soundproofing4U to do our bathroom ceiling, since we could hear very clearly our neighbours when they were using theirs. We don’t feel like we are sharing our bathroom anymore.”

“It’s as if my neighbour doesn’t live here anymore!”

“Rodger, I stayed in the flat over the weekend and it definitely “sounds” quiet. Still have tested it during a major party upstairs but it sounds good so far.”

“We’ve noticed a BIG difference. When there is occasional ‘footfall’ it sounds very light. A great improvement on what it sounded like prior to the work. The plasterer has done a very good job of the ceilings, no rough bits, and everything’s level.

On Saturday there, I was in the bathroom getting ready to go out, and I could hear their music (with the deep bass) which was very, very faint. I don’t exactly know how loud they had it, but we couldn’t hear anything in the front living room or the hall.

I wasn’t embarrassed to have some music on at a lot less volume than they’d inflicted on us.”

“Soundproofing4U are true professionals. Friendly and approachable, and very thorough throughout the job. You can trust Soundproofing4U from start to finish.”

“The woman upstairs from me plays her music night and day. The council were unable to resolve the situation. I was feeling so tense and stressed that I moved to my sisters house for a while. Soundproofing4U surveyed my property and offered me a solution. The job took two days to complete two rooms, and has drastically improved the quality of my life. I can now relax in my flat, and I have found that my heating bills are a lot smaller than they were before! I can’t thank you enough!”