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Floor soundproofing systems can be used to reduce noise from neighbours, musical instruments, snoring and more. We prefer to use floor soundproofing systems with superior sound reduction for both impact and airborne sounds, quick installation and no mess. Our floor soundproofing systems can be treated as a normal floor once installed. Available for both domestic properties and commercial premises, we can help you decide which floor soundproofing system should be fitted for your situation.
With over 30 years of experience, our floor soundproofing fitting service is available across Glasgow and Central Scotland.
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Soundproofing Floors - Overlay Floor System


OVERLAY FLOOR SYSTEM (For All Floor Coverings)


This soundproofing floor is top of its class for reduction in impact and airborne sounds. The soundproofing overlay floor system is a premium composite board made with felt, cement, polymeric core and a water resistant board to the face which allows the boards to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. When fitted, this system can be treated as a normal subfloor and will accept a variety of floor coverings.
This is our go-to floor for solving a variety of noise problems including bass music, musical instruments, alarm clocks, snoring, barking doors, children running about, and so on. This system will reduce it all!

• The floor is checked for integrity – if necessary, the existing floor is then fixed and filled.
• Skirting is removed and any gaps at the joint floor and wall are sealed with acoustic sealant.
• An expanding perimeter strip is attached to the wall.
• The acoustic boards are fitted as a floating floor and glued and screwed together.
• Doors will be cut to suit the new floor height.
• Threshold upstand fitted at junction with any existing floor to suit your final floor covering.
• New isolated skirting fitted.
• This floor system has a thickness of 28mm.
• Costs from £370 inc VAT per square metre.

Soundproofing Floors - Impact Floor System



This soundproofing floor system works well for stopping impact noise travelling downwards. It also offers a small decrease in airborne sound. It is used by many house builders that have failed a sound test and need to pass to get completion certificates for the build. Home owners use it to stop impact noise going through to their neighbours.

• The floor is checked for integrity – if necessary, the floor is then fixed and filled.
• Existing skirting is left in position.
• A perimeter strip is fitted round the room to allow carpet gripper to be installed later
• Impact mats are then loose laid in break bond fashion. These have a thickness of 15mm and carpets can be fitted directly over the top.
• Impact mats can also be bonded with plywood to allow vinyl to be laid on top.
• Costs from £270 inc VAT per square metre.

Soundproofing Floors - Underlay Floor System


UNDERLAY FLOOR SYSTEM (For Wood and Laminate)

This floor system works well for stopping impact noise travelling and creates a dust free sub base which also levels out any minor discrepancies on the floor. It can also have a vapour barrier built in which allows it to be used on concrete or timber floors, and prevents stress on the joints of engineered wood and laminate floors. This is a great option to take the edge off the impact sound from a laminate or hardwood floor.

• It can decrease in room noise by up to 30%.
• It has a thickness of 3.60mm.
• Costs from £100 inc VAT per square metre.

Floor Soundproofing FAQs

Below are a range of FAQs commonly asked about Soundproofing of floors, both domestic and commercial.


How much of an increase in size to my floor can I expect from soundproofing it?

Between 15mm (5/8”) to 35mm (1, 3/8”)


Do the carpet or other floor coverings such as hardwood or laminate need to be removed before the floor soundproofing treatment can begin?

Both carpet or decorative flooring is required to be removed. If you wish us to take it up, we can do so. In our experience, the process of soundproofing a floor is an excellent opportunity to change your flooring.


Will soundproofing my floor reduce unwanted and disruptive noise coming from beneath me.

Yes! This will enable sounds such as, TV, conversation, music etc. to be greatly reduced.


Will having my floor soundproofed reduce the noise of footsteps for my neighbours?

Yes, definitely, having your floor soundproofed will reduce the impact of footsteps for neighbours below.


How much does it cost to soundproof a typical floor?

Using our acoustic overlay system, an average room will cost around £3700 inc. VAT.


What happens to my skirting?

The impact soundproofing floor system can be installed without the removal of skirting whereas the overlay system requires the skirting to be removed.

The overlay is our most popular, as it achieves greater sound reduction for impact and airborne noise. We will replace the skirting for you.


Will my doors need to be cut to accommodate the increased floor level?

Yes, we will trim the doors to suit your final floor finish.


How long does it take to install the soundproofed flooring system?

It typically takes 1-2 days to complete the flooring system?


Having experienced noisy neighbours first hand, I know what it’s like to suffer noise abuse. Let me help you achieve peace and quiet in your own home - get in touch today.


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