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Sound absorption is the control of sound waves in a room. The shorter the length of time the sound waves are bouncing around, the clearer speech becomes in the room.
Installing sound absorbing panels on the walls and/or ceilings reduces the time taken (reverberation) for the sound waves to die out, resulting in a better listening environment. The general sound levels in the room will also decrease.

Sound absorption panels are ideal for offices with open plan areas, boardrooms, meeting rooms, server rooms, video conference suites, large halls, recording studios and churches.

We have successfully treated sound quality issues in all of these locations by fitting sound absorption panels.

We can survey your workplace and give you detailed graphs of how we can improve the sound quality, uniquely tailored to your needs, along with costs for installing sound absorption.

Our sound absorbing panels come in many different colours, styles and shapes. We can even print your logo or photos onto our sound absorbing panels for a customised look for your workplace.

With over 30 years of experience, our sound absorption panel fitting service is available across Glasgow and Central Scotland.


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Sound Absorption

Sound Absorption FAQs

Below are a range of FAQs commonly asked about Sound Absorption and Soundproofing panels.


What is a soundproofing panel?

To get technical, an acoustic panel is made out of mineral wool, with a decorative fabric stretched over the surface.

Some people think that a soundproofing panel can reduce noise- this is not strictly true. This type of system will reduce the reverberations of noise in a room. The primary goal of using this system is to make sounds such as voices clearer.


There is too much noise clutter in my office space. How can this be treated?

We will survey the space and identify the best possible options to enhance sound quality.


Can I use an acoustic panel to soundproof a wall or ceiling in my home?

An acoustic panel is not designed to stop or reduce noise. Its main function is to improve the acoustic quality within a room. This type of treatment is highly useful in professional spaces such as offices or large function halls.


I am experiencing external unwanted and disruptive noise. How can I fix this?

We offer a specialised soundproofing systems for walls, ceilings and floors.

Having experienced noisy neighbours first hand, I know what it’s like to suffer noise abuse. Let me help you achieve peace and quiet in your own home - get in touch today.


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