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Acoustic Panels

How long have you been in business?

We have developed our expert knowledge on soundproofing and acoustic insulation since 1997.

How do your soundproofing systems work?

Using a combination of isolation, acoustic materials and specialist techniques in order to achieve a high degree of sound reduction.

Will the soundproofing wall system stop all noise and sound?

No system will entirely stop all noise, however the quality in noise reduction is exceptional.

I would rather my neighbours weren’t aware of the soundproofing operation; how will this be ensured?

None of our vans are branded. We are well versed in handling inquisitive neighbours and are our team trained to be discrete.

How long does the work take to be completed?

A procedure will take around a few days to complete.

Can I still be at home whilst the work is in progress?

Most of our customers prefer to be out for the day. Our usual operation period is 9.00am- 4:30pm.

How disruptive is this work to my living or professional space?

Every situation is different. Depending on the ease of access to an area, there will be the usual brief disruption, mainly contained to the room of operation.

I sometimes work from home; how noisy can I expect the soundproofing procedure to be?

There are elements of the soundproofing treatment that can create noise.

I have pets, is this safe for them to remain in the house whilst the procedure is in progress?

Yes of course, we love animals.

Do I need to clear a room out of all furniture before work can commence?

Yes, all furniture must be removed. However, if you are unable to physically carry or move items, please let us know! In such a case, we are happy to help with this process.

Does the whole room need to be vacated whilst work is in progress?

We require an empty room before we can begin our procedure. Don’t stress, we are happy to help with larger items if you cannot manage.

Should my carpet be removed for this procedure?

In most cases we advise yes, but it can be left down. In such cases we have specialised floor protection equipment.

Will you paint the walls/ceilings?

We do not offer a painting service. The newly soundproofed wall is in prime condition for painting after three days, once the plaster skim has fully dried.

What is the difference between the standard (Bronze; entry level) and the acoustic shield 10 (Gold: Premium) soundproofing systems?

The systems are differentiated through the added materials, enhancing its ability to deal with lower frequency soundwaves and overall sound reduction quality.

How much space is used on a wall in order to achieve noise reduction?

On a single wall, approximately 160mm (6 ¼”) is required. In most cases, the change is room size is not noticed.

We can do slimline system if required. However, we have found that thicker system is preferable.

How long does it take to soundproof a typical wall?

To soundproof a wall, it will take around 2.5 days.

How will the acoustic wall panels affect my laminated or hardwood floors?

We are able to expertly cut the floors back to meet the new wall system. The floor will finish neatly with your wall.

After the soundproofing system has been installed, how is the wall finished?

A skim of plaster is expertly applied, ready for a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper.

How much will it cost to soundproof my wall?

To supply and fit a typical wall, it will cost approximately £2700.00 Inc. VAT, depending on which system is used.

How long after the soundproofing system has been fitted can I paint or wallpaper the wall or walls?

Please allow for three days until the newly fitted soundproofed wall has completed dried.

Can you install the soundproofing to the underside of the cornice?

At soundproofing4U, we have found that sealing the entire wall is far more effective in maximising the sound reduction.

We will install a new plaster cornice or cove. We can template your existing cornice/coving to exactly match if required.

How much ceiling height will I lose off my ceiling?

A minimum of 170mm (6 ¾”). Depending on your height of your ceiling, you may be able want to lower the system further in order to achieve greater sound reduction quality.

Although it seems a lot the results are worth it! In our experience most people don’t notice reduction in ceiling height.

What happens to my light fixtures and fittings?

We will fit a new light pendent for you. This is easily changed at a later date.

I would like downlighting, how can you accommodate this?

In this case, we will install a sacrificial ceiling, below our soundproofing system.

This allows space for the downlighting feature, without compromising the quality of noise reduction.

How will the soundproofing procedure affect my cornice or coving?

At soundproofing4U, we have found that sealing the entire ceiling is far more effective in maximising the sound reduction.

We will install a new plaster cornice or cove. We can template your existing cornice to exactly match if required.

Will the soundproofing system stop me hearing footsteps from upstairs?

Yes, in most cases. The soundproofing system we implement is not attached to your ceiling, meaning that footfall noises are dramatically reduced! 

How much will my ceiling cost to soundproof?

To supply and fit a typical ceiling it will cost approximately £3000.00 Inc. VAT, depending on which system is used.

How long does it take to soundproof a ceiling?

It takes around 2.5 days to complete the process.

How much of an increase in size to my floor can I expect?

Between 15mm (5/8”) to 35mm (1, 3/8”)

Although it seems a lot the results are worth it! In our experience most people don’t notice reduction in ceiling height.

Does the carpet or other floor coverings such as hardwood or laminate need to be removed before the soundproofing treatment can begin?

Both carpet or decorative flooring is required to be removed. If you wish us to take it up, we can do so. In our experience, the process of soundproofing a floor is an excellent opportunity to change your flooring.

Will soundproofing my floor reduce unwanted and disruptive noise coming from beneath me.

Yes! This will enable sounds such as, TV, conversation, music etc. to be greatly reduced.

Will having my floor soundproofed reduce the noise of footsteps for my neighbours?

Yes, definitely, having your floor soundproofed will reduce the impact of footsteps for neighbours below.

How much does it cost to soundproof a typical floor?

Using our acoustic overlay system, an average room will cost around £2700 inc. VAT.

What happens to my skirting?

The impact floor system can be installed without the removal of skirting whereas the overlay system requires the skirting to be removed.

The overlay is our most popular, as it achieves greater sound reduction for impact and airborne noise. We will replace the skirting for you.

Will my doors need to be cut to accommodate the increased floor level?

Yes, we will trim the doors to suit your final floor finish.

How long does it take to install the soundproofed flooring system?

It typically takes 1-2 days to complete the flooring system?

What is a soundproofing panel?

To get technical, an acoustic panel is made out of mineral wool, with a decorative fabric stretched over the surface.

Some people think that a soundproofing panel can reduce noise- this is not strictly true. This type of system will reduce the reverberations of noise in a room. The primary goal of using this system is to make sounds such as voices clearer.

There is too much noise cutter in my office space. How can this be treated?

We will survey the space and identify the best possible options to enhance sound quality.

Can I use an acoustic panel to soundproof a wall or ceiling in my home?

An acoustic panel is not designed to stop or reduce noise. Its main function is to improve the acoustic quality within a room.

This type of treatment is highly useful in professional spaces such as offices or large function halls.

I am experiencing external unwanted and disruptive noise. How can I fix this?

We offer a specialised soundproofing systems for walls, ceilings and floors.

Having experienced noisy neighbours first hand, I know what it’s like to suffer noise abuse. Let me help you achieve peace and quiet in your own home - get in touch today.


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