See how we soundproof walls

Stage 1:

The offending wall

Stage 2:

Joists exposed

Stage 3:

Metal soundproofing framework

Stage 4:

Acoustic insulation installed

Stage 5:

Acoustic insulation between joists

Stage 6:

Acoustic sealant applied

Stage 7:

Acoustic bars installed

Stage 8:

First acoustic board fitted

Stage 9:

First layer of acoustic boards and acoustic sealant

Stage 10:

Acoustic shield 10 being installed

Stage 11:

Acoustic shield in place

Stage 12:

Infilling between the joists

Stage 13:

Acoustic sheeting completed

Stage 14:

Acoustic wall system complete with isolated skirting

Stage 15:

Halfway through plaster skim

Stage 16:

Completed soundproofed wall system with plaster skim

Having experienced noisy neighbours first hand, I know what it’s like to suffer noise abuse. Let me help you achieve peace and quiet in your own home - get in touch today.


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